Terry Distributors
Suppliers of Musical Instruments, Accessories and Spare Parts
Located in Cape Town, South Africa Tel: 021-7050304 Fax: 021-7050127

Bandstand Accessories

Cork Grease Keep Your Instrument Protected With This Lipstick Style Grease.
Slide Grease Ensure A Smooth Slide Action For Your Brass Instrument.
Bore Oil Keep Your Wooden Instrument Moist And To Prevent Cracking.
Key Oil Lubricant For Woodwind Keys

Generation Music Accessories

Oils Slide & Valve Oils

Helin Accessories

Cleaning Materials Brushes, Cloths, Mops, Pullthroughs & Snakes
Straps Saxophone Straps

Jones Accessories

Reeds Bassoon & Oboe Reeds

Joyo Accessories

Metronome/Tuner Clip-on Metronome/Tuner

Rico Accessories

Caps Metal & Moulded Caps
H-Ligatures & Caps Silver & Gold H-Ligatures & Caps
Mouthpieces Graftonite Mouthpieces
Padgards Piccolo Padgards
Reed Cases & Vitalizers Automatic Humidity Control System for Reeds
Reedgards Holders for 2 Reeds
Reeds Grand Concert, Hemke, La Voz, Mitchell Lurie, Plasticover, Reserve,Rico Royal & Select Jazz Reeds
Straps Saxophone Straps

Riyin Accessories

Reeds Bb Clarinet, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax and Tenor Sax Reeds

Vandoren Accessories

Cork Grease Tubes of Cork Grease
Ligatures & Caps M/O Ligatures & Caps - Bb Clarinet & Saxophones
Mouthpieces Mouthpieces - Bb Clarinet & Saxophones
Reeds Traditional, V12, 56 Rue Le Pic, Java, Java Red Cut, V16 & ZZ Reeds